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We imagine the extraordinary

We celebrate love fully and in all its shapes and colours. We thrive on couples who are genuine, spontaneous, and most importantly, best friends. We create weddings that surprise, delight, amaze, and that always stand-out.

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Our goal

To create a distinctive and original experience for you, your family and friends.

At Foudamour, we believe that the journey is as important as the destination, which is why we strive to make the planning process as exceptional as your actual wedding day.

We place great importance on carefully planning every detail of your event. From wedding stationery to floral design, from tablescaping to menu offerings, each element helps tell a unique story: one that is yours.

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Modern romances

Foudamour specializes in high-end weddings with an aura of refinement and beauty. Whether bright and bold, timeless, industrial or sophisticated, all the weddings we plan have this in common: they reflect the couples who inspired them.

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What is a successful wedding according to Foudamour?

For us, a successful wedding is one that puts the couple at the centre of the design concept, where it feels that every decision has been made with the intention of telling something special about each of the partners. Our goal, each time, is to create a wedding that quite simply could not have been designed for anyone else.

Our greatest joy is when our newlyweds give themselves over to the celebration with no worries about details, when we see a look of amazement on the guests’ faces and when everyone is vibrating to the same rhythm, as if the love in the air is so powerful that it’s physically palpable. At such moments, we feel that we’ve got the absolutely best job in the world!

What budget should we anticipate for our wedding if we decide to work with Foudamour?

Ah ha! THE big question and THE most delicate!

No one likes to talk about money, yet it’s essential to do so before undertaking a project as important as planning a wedding. At Foudamour, we always prefer to talk about a price per person rather than a total budget because it’s more concrete that way. Here’s a simple example: imagine a budget of $50K for 20 guests. Then imagine the same $50K budget for 150 guests. It’s the same amount, but clearly it won’t be the same wedding. We completely respect the fact that different people have different priorities and economic situations. We also understand that even with unlimited resources, some people will choose not to spend so much money on their wedding. By working with our agency, which specializes in high-end weddings, you should anticipate having to spend a minimum of $1,200 per guest. This amount may seem high, but it’s important to remember that wedding costs include much more than just the cost of food and beverages, which represent only about 25% of the total cost.

Do you use exclusive suppliers or can we work with the suppliers of our choice?

We choose to see the job of a wedding planner like that of a top chef. No one would dream of bringing their own ingredients to a restaurant and asking the chef to prepare an unforgettable dish, right? We need to work with people who have the same work ethic as we do, the same concern for detail and similar esthetics to our own to ensure memorable results for you.

Our super power as a wedding planner is specifically our ability to assemble a team of suppliers perfectly adapted to you as a couple, a team that will work seamlessly together and know how to make your dream come true. Our supplier network includes several partners in various categories who meet our standards of quality, and you will have the freedom to choose your favourite from among them. We are especially demanding when it comes to the essential suppliers who play a key role in the success of your wedding day: the DJs, caterers, florists, photographers and videographers with whom we work hand-in-hand have all proven themselves to be the best in their field. And that’s what we want for all our couples: only the best! Obviously, if your mother is a virtuoso pastry chef, we’ll find the ideal way to showcase her talents.

We’ve planned everything for our wedding, but are looking for someone to coordinate the actual day. Do you offer this service?

As a wedding planner, our role is to think about and remember an endless number of tiny details that may seem superfluous to people whose business is not that of organizing weddings. It’s our experience, our ability to anticipate, our way of communicating and sharing information, and above all, our attentiveness to each and every one of these details that enable us to excel at what we do. It’s our meticulousness that creates the magic! Therefore, we only coordinate weddings that we ourselves have planned.

How many people from your team will be on site on the day of my wedding?

Generally speaking, at least four: a senior coordinator, a junior coordinator and two assistant coordinators. This number may have to be increased depending on the number of guests and the complexity of your wedding logistics (marquee wedding, multiple events, the need to move furniture/equipment, etc.). We believe that having enough human resources is essential to ensuring that your wedding runs smoothly.

We love your style! Is it possible to use your design services only?

For us, the design and logistics of a wedding are closely linked, and it’s essential to think about both aspects together rather than separately. That’s how we succeed in producing events that are both magnificent and well-orchestrated. And it’s why we only design weddings that we also produce. But we’re very happy to hear that our work inspires you!

What do your services include?

It’s very simple: we only bill for the hours we spend organizing your wedding, with minimum billable time blocks of 10 minutes. We have designed two packages that include a specific number of hours, and, for each package, a list of specific tasks that can usually be performed in the allotted time. That said, to some extent it’s you who determine what will actually be accomplished and how long it will take. Each couple has their own decision-making process, and we consider it as important to respect your pace as to be paid for our work. A report of the hours worked is sent to you every month to prevent any nasty surprises at the end. You are always kept informed if any additional hours are needed. We invite you to visit the “Services” section of our website to discover our two packages.

How far in advance should we reserve your services?

Given that we organize about twelve weddings a year and limit ourselves to one wedding per weekend, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible, anywhere from 12 to 18 months before your date. If you hope to work with a wedding planner, the very first thing you should do is reserve their services, even before finding your dream venue! The sooner you involve us in your process, the more you’ll benefit from our experience and advice.

How many weddings have you organized?

Since 2008, we’ve planned over 150 weddings and almost the same number of corporate events. But each new ceremony is as emotionally moving for us as if it were the first!

Do you organize weddings anywhere in the Greater Montreal Area? And elsewhere in Quebec?

Of course! We go wherever love takes us! This may involve transportation and accommodation fees as well as per diems for our team, depending on the destination, but we’re always thrilled to explore exciting new places.

What types of weddings do you plan?

At Foudamour, we treasure diversity and firmly believe in inclusion. We celebrate love in all its shapes and colours! We organize both civil and religious weddings, 2SLGBTQI+ ceremonies, in English and in French. We have had the pleasure of planning Jewish, East Indian, Algerian, Greek and Chinese weddings, among others. Some of our couples have originated from Brazil or the Philippines, while others have lived as far away as San Francisco or Labrador City but chosen to celebrate their wedding in Montreal. Our greatest pleasure is discovering your traditions and customs and integrating them into the most special day of your life in a way that reflects who you are.

What do Foudamour couples have in common?

The couples we work with value what is unique and refined. They like to talk about architecture and design and to visit exhibitions, and they’re sensitive to “beauty.” They always have a thousand and one projects on the go and a jampacked schedule, and are big fans of Excel spreadsheets. For them, any reason is a good reason to celebrate, and they love entertaining family and friends at home. They’re the sort of people who choose their travel destinations according to the local gastronomy, who love tackling professional and sports challenges and who seek quality in everything.

For their wedding, our couples dream of an intimate celebration, infused with delicate and thoughtful details. They care about florals, decor and bespoke stationery. They want to spoil their loved ones and friends and offer them an unforgettable experience from start to finish. They know what they want, but are also ready to place total trust in our team to create an absolutely magical evening, one that leaves an indelible mark on hearts and minds forever.

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