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We are driven by the values of passion, creativity, excellence and attention to detail.

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Foudamour is a high-end wedding design and planning agency based in Montreal and available to you, wherever you may be in Quebec. We are renowned for our innate sense of style, attentiveness to detail, expertise and total dedication to our couples. Since 2015, foudamour has been creating weddings ranging from timeless, to bold, refined or modern, all with one thing in common: they reflect the couples who inspired them. Our mission is to create a distinctive and original experience for you, your family and friends.

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Mélanie Aubin

Wedding planner

I’m an eternal romantic, who is also creative, meticulous and boundlessly energetic. I adore reading, cycling and sipping on white wine. And I can tell you that I’ve never lost a game of Pictionary yet. Love thrills me, beauty calls out to me, art and travel inspire me, and the 1001 details that go into a successful wedding enchant me. I organized my first event at the age of eleven, when my grade 6 class was celebrating the end of elementary school. Just imagine the look on my teacher’s face when I announced, as seriously as a tween can, that I was thinking of ordering Saint-Hubert chicken for everyone, that I had already arranged for my father to pick the food up, and that I thought a waltz should officially open the dance floor. And the rest is history!

I love weddings because they allow me to touch people’s hearts and souls.

But what interests me most is you: your story, your first date, what attracted you to him, what made you fall head over heels for her. Let’s draw inspiration from your love story to create the special day of your dreams together. You might not see eye-to-eye on everything, and sometimes you’ll have to make heart-wrenching decisions (lemon or chocolate cake?), but one thing is sure: it’ll be an incredible adventure.

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